♡ in time you will be fine ♡

replying to messages on mobile is so hard??? why this

if u wanna be a raging dickbag to me on anon now is yr chance

ichigou-senpai asked: maybe give your password and email to someone you trust so they can turn anon off for you dear?

yes!! thats what im doing!! :-))

gettin the gf to turn off anon for u

there are such nasty people on this website who take advantage of the anonymous button like they think they’re so fucking swift but i see right thru them and theyre just a piece of shit

i deal with enough abuse in my own home to have to deal with the abuse from anonymous dickbags and from now on im just gonna delete ur message if ur gonna say shitty things lmao

my mom doesnt even know i have a girlfriend lmao
she would fuckin beat the shit out of me if she knew
she thinks i have a crush on a guy in my 6th period lmao

Anonymous asked: You should look into emancipation, that way you can get out earlier. I'm moving away from my abusive parents soon, too! If you leave before you're 18, your parents can file a runaway report in most states & can force you back home. Check out homeless shelters around where you'll be staying, it's the wise thing to do. Even BFFs might kick you out (I know from experience). Try selling some of your used clothes, books, anything else you won't be taking with you when you move. Best of luck to you!!!

thank you!! i hope your situation clears up!!
and idk the emancipation laws are extremely hard since 1) i don’t have a job and unable to get one because in my school you cant be failing any classes if you want a job permit and like i had said before, don’t even know basic math and so it’s really hard to get my math grade up when i get 0’s on all of my tests.
2) i’d need my parents Consent to get emancipated
it’s all just very hard
i dont plan on leaving until im 18 bc i wouldnt want anybody to be charged with kidnapping„ either that or ill try to convince my mom that im moving out.